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Financial integrations

VicinityFood integrates seamlessly with either QuickBooks Online or Microsoft Dynamics.

QuickBooks Online

With our QuickBooks integration, you don't have to leave QuickBooks before you're ready. Get the benefit of an ERP system without having to change platforms, or incur the heavy overhead cost and time of managing a traditional or legacy ERP system. VicinityFood extends the QuickBooks Online set of features to include enhanced inventory, e-commerce, purchasing, warehousing, sales, and CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics

As your business grows, you will likely need to upgrade to a more substantial ERP system. Usually, this happens when the owners of the company start to delegate responsibility for the financials to other people. When this happens, you'll need tighter security and more substantial audits. VicinityFood with Microsoft Dynamics provides food manufacturers with the complete ERP system they need.



Genesis R&D Product Development and Labeling Software
The Genesis R&D suite of Product Development and Labeling software solutions helps food and supplement manufacturers with product formulation, nutrition analysis, recipe analysis, virtual experimentation, government-compliant labeling, and more.


Common sense barcode solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Panatrack is an inventory and asset tracking solution for Dynamics GP customers. Using data-capture technologies like barcode, RFID, and mobile handheld computers. Panatrack tracks the transactions that are critical to efficient business operations.


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