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4.34 Feature Video: Planning Workbench Displays Formulas without Activity

The Planning Workbench can now retrieve and display formulas for which there are no open planned orders or batches. In addition, the list can be filtered for formulas that have activity, formulas that have no activity, or all formulas. Previously, formulas without activity would not show up on the Planning Workbench.
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4.34 Feature Video: Separate Component and Formula Attributes

Attributes can now be configured as assignable to components, formulas, or both. To support this feature, two visibility settings have been added to the Attributes Setup window: Hide for components, and Hide for formulas. When an attribute is hidden, the hidden attribute and any child attributes will not be available for selection on the applicable window.
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4.34 Feature Video: Lot Number Generation by Batch Type

Automatically assigned lot numbers can now be defined by batch type in addition to facility. This allows you to have unique lot number definitions for each batch type at a facility.
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4.34 Feature Video: Project Entry External Documents

External documents can now be associated with a project.
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4.34 Feature Video: Assign Lot Number When End Item Entered

The end item lot numbers can now be automatically assigned when a lot tracked end item is added to a batch. The setting can be enabled either for a facility or batch type. The setting applies to end items added to a batch via the Batch Entry window, or when an end item is added to a batch by converting planned orders to batches. Previously, lot numbers were automatically assigned only when an end item quantity to complete was entered.
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4.33 Feature Video: Planning Workbench Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Planning Workbench: Single Formula Inquiry Single formula inquiry has been added to simplify querying planning information for an individual formula. User Defined Batch Types The Planning Workbench has been enhanced to support querying planning information based on formula batch type. Previously, the Batch type restriction only supported Mix and Fill values.
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4.33 Feature Video: Quality Sample Entry Enhancements – Component lot attribute from batch sample

Quality Sample Entry Updates Component Lot Attributes Quality Sample Entry for Batch type samples has been enhanced to update lot attributes for lots produced by a batch based on quality test results. Previously, lot attributes were only updated for Component Lot samples. Duplicate QC Tests Quality Sample Entry now supports duplicate QC tests. QC Test Entry Enhancements A "Hide/Show Available" button has been added that collapses/expands the available list of QC tests "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons have been added so the order of QC Tests for quality sample can be rearranged
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4.33 Feature Video: VicinityView Search Groupings

VicinityView has been enhanced to support grouping of search clauses so order of comparison operations can be explicitly defined. Prior to 4.33, and/or comparisons were evaluated from left to right.
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4.33 Feature Video: Batch Parameter Entry Enhancements

Batch Entry support for parameters has been enhanced to include parameters associated with unit procedures, operations, and phases. Prior to this release, only parameters associated with the overall batch were supported.
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These new enhancements are part of our product development roadmap with direction coming from our stellar dev team, trends in the industry and from our customers directly. We love getting to know our clients and understanding how they use the product to run and grow their businesses. Helpful feedback and conversations provide guidance for our product releases and updates. We are very proud to say that this is a mindset we’ve had from the very beginning. Since we add new features each quarter, here’s how we stayed busy in Q4 2020. 
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4.32 Feature Video: Product Structure Copy

Product Structure Copy is a new Product Development feature. It is used to create a new product based on the multi-level structure of an existing product and change the new product structure before the new product is created. It greatly reduces the number of steps required to create a new multi-level product based on an existing product structure.
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4.32 Feature Video: Import Forecast

Import Forecast is a new feature that populates the Vicinity Forecast table directly from an Excel spreadsheet. It can also create an empty Excel “template” file that is ready to be populated either manually or with your forecasting tool and then imported into Vicinity.
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4.32 Feature Video: Create Batch from a Trial

The Project Entry window has been enhanced to support creating a batch directly from a trial. Since a trial no longer needs to be saved to a formula before it can be manufactured, the process of creating test or possibly customer specific sample batches is greatly simplified.
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4.32 Feature Video: Batch Quality Inquiry

Batch Quality Inquiry is a new Quality feature that displays all quality samples and QC tests for a batch, for lot tracked components produced by a batch, and for lot tracked components consumed by a batch. It performs a multi-level inquiry and displays quality sample information for all batches that produce lot tracked ingredients that are consumed by the parent batch.
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Fall into new features from Vicinity Our Q3 release is out and it’s got all the good stuff! Check out Release 4.32. As we are all settling in for the home stretch to January 2021 (bye, bye 2020), our development team has been heads down adding the latest features and functionality available to our Vicinity customers.
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As the team truly settles into “working from home” life with a full 3 months plus working remotely, we’ve managed to deliver on our promise to release new features and functionality each and every quarter. And this quarter is no different.
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Quarterly update Release 4.30 out now

Release 4.30 is packed with features and functionality. Even though things look a bit different these days, staying on schedule and following our process for quarterly release updates gave us a bit of a distraction (and some normalcy) during the first few months of 2020.
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We have 2020 vision: new year, new release highlights

We are celebrating with this latest release that is packed with great enhancements. As an organization, we strive to keep our software relevant and up to date so that your business can continue to grow. We have built our software from the ground up to serve the business needs of formula and batch manufacturers.
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Small Business Saturday: Vicinity License Sale

SAVE $1000 OFF THE PURCHASE OF ADDITIONAL VICINITY LICENSES! Additional licenses must be purchased by Saturday, November 30, 2019 to receive this special offer.**Limit 10 per customer. This offer is not valid for subscription or limited license.** November 30th is a big day for everyone at Vicinity. It’s the ninth annual Small Business Saturday® when people across the…
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Formula for success: new release highlights

Each software release delivers new or enhanced features and functionality to make the Vicinity user's life easier. We are your manufacturing software partner in the chemical, brew and food industries.
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lot tracing

Lot Tracing & Recall

            Vicinity provides the ability to perform a total lot tracing of all raw materials received into the production facility, placed into manufacturing and shipped to customers. This will allow Vicinity clients to perform a recall from a raw material source all the way to finished goods destination AND…
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gantt chart

Gantt Chart Linking Batches

            First introduced to V4 VicinityView in 4.15, users had the ability to add custom drillbacks via the SQL database. With Vicinity 4.20, users can edit existing or create new drillbacks linking fields to the associated record using the “Drillbacks” button within the VicinityView interface.
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production scheduling

Production Scheduling: Grouping Batches

        Users can group batches based on defined attribute value set (Example: Brand), a resource, or piece of equipment, as well as adjust the time scale. Users can also restrict the view by type of production log, facility, process cell, or associated planner ID.
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inventory levels

Run lean and Avoid an Out of Inventory Situation

          What happens when you run out of inventory? An MRP tool can give you Increased visibility to see current inventory levels at any time. While measuring those resources against current production requirements and accounting for forecasts of future demands.
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batch review

Automate Batch Review

        Automate batch review to catch out of spec items. Without visibility into your production process as it happens, small variations can have a big impact on your bottom line. An out of spec product not caught in time can lead to missed customer deadlines or potential recalls.
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end of month

Avoid 8 Million End of Month Transactions

        How can I consolidate end of month transactions? Streamline closing month end by avoiding additional transactions. Capture all production data by tagging any known adjustment to the batch record as they occur in your ERP system.
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cost of manufacturing

True Cost of Manufacturing

VicinityFood provides accurate and timely access to actual production costs. Without knowing the true costs, in real-time, how can you accurately predict production costs?
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maximizing production runs

Group Production to Save on Your Cost Per Unit

          Save money by eliminating downtime and therefore maximizing production runs. Becoming more efficient in scheduling can help you reduce the cost of production in total and per unit. Opportunities to group batches can help you reduce your set up & clean up time, therefore reducing overall production downtime.
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accurate reporting

Build Trust with Accurate Reporting

        Vicinity Software delivers a flexible user interface for client across departments. In this video, you can see how detailed your actual reporting can be defined in the system. Alternatively, users can limit the amount of data presented on their screen by selecting or deselecting sections, columns, and fields.
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Working with the Vicinity Team

We understand the manufacturing process and have been in this business for over 20 years. The fact that the client does not have to teach us about their industry is a plus...we know what needs to happen and understand what pain points companies in the food, chemical or brew manufacturing space have. We address those in our software, in our project implementations and in our support.   
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product development

What Drives Vicinity Product Development?

        Vicinity software will help put together the missing ingredient in your batch manufacturing business solution. Vicinity Manufacturing understands the unique challenges of batch manufacturing and addresses these issues in an easy and affordable solution.   Solutions  
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formula manufacturing

What does it mean to be a formula manufacturer?

        Vicinity will help put together the missing ingredient in your batch manufacturing business solution. Vicinity Manufacturing understands the unique challenges of batch manufacturing and addresses these issues in an easy and affordable solution.
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vicinity software solution

Vicinity Software Overview

          Vicinity is a software solution designed exclusively for the process manufacturing industry. Our solution extends to the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics financial and distribution family to deliver a powerful and flexible ERP solution.
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Focus Event

FOCUS: the Vicinity Software Users’ Event

        See a preview of what our annual users’ conference has to offer! Vicinity boot camp, customer panels, development round-table, networking and two days of interactive learning sessions. This event is held in Atlanta, GA every year in May.
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customer testimonial

Formula Manufacturing Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from our customers. Here are a few testimonials from manufacturing clients in the brew, chemical and food industries.
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customer panel

FOCUS Customer Panel Take-Aways

        Vicinity Software users share their Ah-ha moments during the FOCUS Customer Panel. Collaboration between Vicinity team members, clients, and fellow software users lead to actionable takeaways to bring back to the rest of the company. Some notable outcomes included: -How to plan future projects -Collaborating with fellow users and sharing…
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gantt chart

Gantt Chart Scheduling

        This video offers an overview for the new Production Schedule Gantt Chart within Vicinity Software. The Gantt Chart is a new alternative for calendar resource view with the ability to filter and view adjustment options, group by attribute, view a timeline by week or month, adjust columns to view alternate…
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batch entry

Data Entry Options

        Alternative views and filters for data entry on with Vicinity’s Batch Entry screen. Users have the flexibility to hide fields and columns while exposing the full details of the batch or formula they are currently working with. Users may also filter their view to focus on a particular operation while…
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user interface

Flexible User Interface

          Vicinity Software delivers a flexible user interface for client across departments. In this video, you can see how detailed your actual processes can be defined in the system. Alternatively, users can limit the amount of data presented on their screen by selecting or deselecting sections, columns, and fields.
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