Manage and track your new product development efforts with precision using our seamless nutritional analysis software, ingredient statement creation, version control for streamlined new recipe development.

Nutritional Analysis

Do you have to manually calculate nutritional values as you develop a new recipe?

Staying within certain target nutritional values is an important task in developing a new recipe. It's important to have the central database of recipes link automatically to ingredient nutritional values provided by suppliers.

  • Perform nutritional analysis for recipes within VicinityFood
  • Read stored values for raw materials, and intermediates and calculate results for a recipe or an intermediate as a formula is changed
  • Integrate data sources for nutritional values from USDA database or Esha's Genesis program

Easy Formula Costing

How do you currently access cost information for recipes or new products in development? Is the material cost information you have access to up-to-date and accurate?

Product development in the food industry must fit within the price point for category segments, making it important that your product development efforts be based on current market prices.

  • Update raw material cost in real time based on the latest purchasing information
  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date formula cost with no additional effort
  • Share formula version cost throughout the entire company

Manage Recipe Versions

Does your recipe management software system allow you to catalog and organize your recipe versions to simplify your recipe portfolio?

With an extensive database of recipes, having a set structure and hierarchy to your recipes can save time in accessing or analyzing recipes at different levels.

  • Track recipes and versions in a central database
  • Search for recipes based on user-defined criteria
  • Create new versions of a recipe from an existing version
  • Mark versions as inactive until approved by the lab
  • Archive previous versions once they are no longer active in production, or mark as "read-only"


How do you track or identify recipes containing a specific ingredient?

Food manufacturers need to have quick access to all impacted recipes in the event of limited ingredient availability, investigating supplier issues, or evaluating costing impacts on overall production. A recipe management software like VicinityFood helps users identify recipes that need to be reviewed.

  • See all recipes and products containing a particular material or packaging
  • Analyze the effects of anticipated price changes or vendor swaps
  • Evaluate the reach certain ingredients have throughout your product mix

Support Mass Change

Do you have to edit recipes individually? Perform a bulk edit to multiple recipes automatically?

Food manufacturers change recipes for a number of reasons, new ingredients being introduced, adding a stabilizing additive for consistency or scale pushing. These alterations can be time-consuming if the change impacts a number of recipes within your product mix. Robust recipe management software like VicinityFood can help make this task easier.

  • Make mass changes to some or all recipes
  • Replace a specific raw material with another with ease
  • Gain maximum control over the process with Vicinity's user-configurable tool