VicinityFood Software System

A flexible, robust software product built for food and beverage manufacturers

A comprehensive, cohesive food manufacturing software system

VicinityFood is a single food ERP software system that is flexible enough to manage all of your daily operations and take into account different recipes and multiple batches.

VicinityFood provides food and beverage manufacturers inventory accuracy to expedite your decision making, incorporates quality control testing to ensure product excellence, tracks finished goods to simplify your efforts, and much more.

Software built for batches

VicinityFood was built from the ground up to serve formula-based, food and beverage manufacturing. It is designed to handle the unique aspects that food and beverage manufacturers may have that many other systems ignore:

Variation in Process

Most systems are based on a discrete manufacturing model using a bill of materials as the main production record, which only supports fixed or linear input to output process. VicinityFood can account for variations in a process from one batch to the next, even when you are making the same end product.

Variation in Ingredients

Most systems force you into a 1:1 relationship between inputs and outputs, meaning that you are required to always use the exact same ingredients and quantities of ingredients to produce a particular finished good, or you have to create new logs to support each variation. In actual production practice, this is not the case, and VicinityFood can handle and track differences in usage for ingredients and quantities for a particular product.

Variation in Packaging

Most systems make it difficult or impossible to do individual bulk production runs that require different packaging, without a specific batch or job for each end product instance. VicinityFood can track bulk production runs and split output to incorporate variations in packaging needs based on the size of the batch.

Multi-Stage Production Runs

Most systems are not capable of mapping multi-stage production runs. VicinityFood is able to manage production runs that are interdependent and report outputs at each stage to calculate variable inputs via multi-stage production runs, logging intermediate batches, consumed, or by/co-products created along the way.

Because VicinityFood can incorporate many of the unique aspects of your food and beverage manufacturing process, you save time and money with less set-up and more accurate data. VicinityFood is dedicated to delivering a complete Food ERP software system that can grow to accommodate your business evolving needs.

How VicinityFood Works

Rather than measuring your production off of a traditional bill of material, VicinityFood tracks production at the recipe level. When you use a recipe, VicinityFood provides the guidelines of the master recipe while allowing you to document what you actually used — which may be less or more than the standard recipe or may have required a substituted input. This granular tracking style allows for more flexibility than traditional applications that are based on a bill of material.

To achieve this with a system based on a bill of material, you would need to set up a new job (bill of material or batch ticket) for each possible combination of goods that make an individual product. Additionally, you would need to set up a new job for bulk production runs.

This wastes valuable time with additional data entry, and it creates multiple opportunities for error. If you are actually scaling a batch up for a bulk production run but recording results across individual logs, you have to hypothetically divide your results, you lose true lot traceability, and you can no longer capture your true overall yields.

Software for Formula-Based Food Manufacturers

Our software solves the common challenges of recipe-based manufacturing organizations in an intuitive and efficient manner. VicinityFood is designed to alleviate out-of-system workarounds and empower your team by providing access to a centralized data set and toolsets that will streamline employee tasks.

Vicinity Software delivers a solution for all your manufacturing needs to enhance operations across departments.

Solutions for your Business

VicinityFood can deliver unique solutions across all the divisions of your manufacturing operations.