4.32 Feature Video: Import Forecast

Import Forecast is a new feature that populates the Vicinity Forecast table directly from an Excel spreadsheet. It can also create an empty Excel “template” file that is ready to be populated either manually or with your forecasting tool and then imported into Vicinity.

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4.32 Feature Video: Create Batch from a Trial

The Project Entry window has been enhanced to support creating a batch directly from a trial. Since a trial no longer needs to be saved to a formula before it can be manufactured, the process of creating test or possibly customer specific sample batches is greatly simplified.

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4.32 Feature Video: Batch Quality Inquiry

Batch Quality Inquiry is a new Quality feature that displays all quality samples and QC tests for a batch, for lot tracked components produced by a batch, and for lot tracked components consumed by a batch. It performs a multi-level inquiry and displays quality sample information for all batches that produce lot tracked ingredients that are consumed by the parent batch.

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Run lean and Avoid an Out of Inventory Situation

  What happens when you run out of inventory? A material requirements planning (MRP) tool can give you increased visibility to see current inventory levels at any time while measuring those resources against current production requirements and accounting for forecasts of future demands.

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batch review

Automate Batch Review

        Automate batch review to catch out of spec items. Without visibility into your production process as it happens, small variations can have a big impact on your bottom line. An out of spec product not caught in time can lead to missed customer deadlines or potential recalls.

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end of month

Avoid 8 Million End of Month Transactions

        How can I consolidate end of month transactions? Streamline closing month end by avoiding additional transactions. Capture all production data by tagging any known adjustment to the batch record as they occur in your ERP system.

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cost of manufacturing

True Cost of Manufacturing

VicinityFood provides accurate and timely access to actual production costs. Without knowing the true costs, in real-time, how can you accurately predict production costs?

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maximizing production runs

Group Production to Save on Your Cost Per Unit

          Save money by eliminating downtime and therefore maximizing production runs. Becoming more efficient in scheduling can help you reduce the cost of production in total and per unit. Opportunities to group batches can help you reduce your set up & clean up time, therefore reducing overall production downtime.

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accurate reporting

Build Trust with Accurate Reporting

        Vicinity Software delivers a flexible user interface for client across departments. In this video, you can see how detailed your actual reporting can be defined in the system. Alternatively, users can limit the amount of data presented on their screen by selecting or deselecting sections, columns, and fields.

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