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new product developments

New Product Developments to Meet Growing Plant Protein Trends

Keeping up with trends and introducing new product developments into the market is a constant for Food Manufacturing R&D departments. The past few years have given us an influx of plant-based proteins used in traditional products as well as some unexpected ones like ice cream! While protein has traditionally been sourced from animal-based products such…

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esha r&d

How Vicinity Software Clients Use Genesis R&D to Their Advantage

If you have not yet caught our blog about integration to ESHA’s nutritional database and labeling compliance software, Genesis R&D click here. Having connected data is one of the core needs of a growing manufacturing company, with that in mind our development team is aimed at delivering technology solutions in the most effective way. In…

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nutrition data

Integration to Nutrition Data Labeling Compliance Software, Genesis R&D

In the food processing industry, it is inevitable that all departments will have their ideal or go-to software system. Many of the best on the market are specialized for one department and do not connect data behind the scenes. The disconnect can create an ongoing internal struggle to keep teams on the same page with…

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