Integration to Nutrition Data Labeling Compliance Software, Genesis R&D

In the food processing industry, it is inevitable that all departments will have their ideal or go-to software system. Many of the best on the market are specialized for one department and do not connect data behind the scenes. The disconnect can create an ongoing internal struggle to keep teams on the same page with a cohesive data flow. Opportunities to integrate data and eliminate redundancies can be challenging, without a flexible system in place.

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Genesis R&D from ESHA is the top provider of nutrition data calculations & labeling software. For the individuals in formulation and packaging, ESHA’s nutrition database provides a powerful tool for industry professionals needing comprehensive nutrition data from a reliable source. While it is excellent for the early and end stages of production, Genesis R&D provides minimal inventory control to support live production tracking and processing. Another lacking area is formula management, specifically the ability to manage multiple formula versions for various ranges of production.

Specializing in batch and formula manufacturing, Vicinity Software offers a robust formula management application with the ability to track various formula versions and provide limited inventory monitoring.

Vicinity Software gives users the ability to

  • Improve visibility into production for material requirements planning
  • Detailed costing analysis
  • Streamlined scheduling
  • Ability to incorporate quality data
  • Meet complex reporting requirements

With integration to Genesis R&D, food manufacturers are now able to incorporate their rich data set and formulation controls into their ERP functionality via Vicinity Software.

Enhance your tools by allowing them to complement each other. Integrate Genesis R&D’s nutritional components to streamline data entry and formula development. Bring Genesis R&D components or raw material info into Vicinity to perform trials and develop or scale formulas for production.

With the systems speaking to one another users now have access to

  • All nutrition data
  • Cost of materials
  • Lot numbers
  • Ability to track changes across different generations of formula when put into use

Sharing data between Vicinity & Genesis R&D can help your department, and overall organization speed up data input and increase the validity of your system data eliminating the need to update each system individually manually. Once a formula is complete, you can then send the information back into Genesis to create and complete the required label. With the direct integration, data can automatically push from Vicinity to Genesis R&D.

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If you currently use ESHA Genesis R&D and your team is looking to automate further across different departments, contact our team today to learn more about Vicinity software for food manufacturers.