4.34 Feature Video: Lot Number Generation by Batch Type

Check out this video from our latest 4.34 release.

Lot Number Generation by Batch Type

Hello. I want to take a minute to go over some functionality added to our March 2021 release, which is 4.34 specifically, around the auto-generation of lot numbers for produced products.  This ability was added to the application six months or so ago (a few releases ago), but it is really there to expand some of this functionality.

So to get started with this, let me just go ahead and bring up a formula and I want to show you what we’ve already done to kind of give you a feel for what we’ve expanded in this release. So what we’re talking about is a scenario when you’re going to put an item on hand product. So I’ve got a lot tracked item here with a lot number of being generated automatically In previous versions you would have seen basically the batch number be the same as the lot number, or you could manually come in and type it. A few versions ago, we added the ability to have the system auto-generate a lot number for you and that’s what you’re seeing here. And that was done under facility setup and more specifically, so I’m under facility setup, which is under the settings application facility setup, you go to the facility that we’re talking about, and this is an area in which you can define the lot of assignment.

The right hand side is basically the sequence of the lot number from basically left-hand on. So this is a mask showing you basically what I’ve done about an alphanumeric L dash and then the next sequence behind it is the sequence number zero one, two, three, four, et cetera for this item.

So in effect, what this is doing is saying that for every time I make this item, I want it to increment a lot number one time. That’s just an example of some of the configuration options you have. You’ve got a lot of other different ways you can put segments in, you just pick the segment type and then add it.

This was done versions ago. If you find this interesting certainly reach out to us and we’re happy to walk through that with you. What we added in this release is taking this same functionality from the facility and driving it further so that you can control it by the batch type. So let me bring that up for a second.

Go application batch types. And under batch types in my demo environment for this company, I’ve got three batch types: I’ve got a brew, a fermentation, and a packaging batch type. So all my brew formulas are getting this type of batch type, all my fermentation formulas, get this packaging, et cetera. Again, I’m in a brewery environment in my demo data, but it could also be the same for other food, chemical, et cetera, any different types of batches that you’ve got. Again, batch types have been around for a while time. What we added in this release is the ability to control the lot numbering by batch type. So if it is a brew batch type, and a lot number is going to start with the word wart dash, and then it looks like it goes to the batch number.

So I’m actually going to pick up a batch number in a lot sequence in sequence. So basically I’m creating this lot number that looks like this for this particular batch type. If I changed the ferment that maybe I’m doing a bright dash X, X, and that X, X is a lot sequence every time I put on another lot, it gives it another sequential number.

And then finally, I’ve got a packaging, which was just similar. In this case, I’m showing you that I’ve got a P colon. So in over is, it starts with a constant. And then I add year, year for the transaction date. And then I add the Julian date behind that. So year 21, Julian date zero one zero as an example.

So this is the definition we’ve always had. This model has always been here, but now you have the ability to show them separately or have different configurations, depending on the type of batch you’re processing. So in this case, let me just kind of show you what I’m talking about. If I come in and I create a let’s go, the fermentation log.

I’ll just go and create an IPA fermentation log. And the result of my fermentation of course, is going to be my brite beer. As soon as I pick that up, I’ll do my brite beer. It’s going to use that lot configuration that we use for ferment picking up brite dash and then the next sequential number as I’ve made that.

So now you have the configuration of having the system auto assigned lot numbers at the batch type level. Know that you always have, this is all completely optional. You could revert back to where we were before, and that is nothing shows up here and I could type a lot number in here if I want, or I could have the system simply default from the batch number.

None of that has changed. We’ve just added the ability to auto configure an end item, lot number and configure that all the way down to the batch and within batch, by the batch type. Purpose facility within the facility and then the batch type level. Anyway, we hope that helps. This is a great example of how we put something out there and got some feedback and we just continue to dive deeper into it.

So let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. And we really appreciate the feedback. Thanks a lot and have a great day.