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new product developments

New Product Developments to Meet Growing Plant Protein Trends

Keeping up with trends and introducing new product developments into the market is a constant for Food Manufacturing R&D departments. The past few years have given us an influx of plant-based proteins used in traditional products as well as some unexpected ones like ice cream! While protein has traditionally been sourced from animal-based products such…

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Introducing VicinityFood Branding

Vicinity software is proud to announce the launch of our vertical branding, VicinityFood! Why The New Branding? Our software is unique just like each one of our food manufacturing clients. VicinityFood aims to help businesses operate with ease, produce superior products, and drive smart growth with a software system that accommodates the complexities of formula-based…

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production reports

Production Reports to Streamline Batch Review

The implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), has created added pressure on lot tracking, production reports and overall transparency throughout production processes. Producing consistent, high-quality products for consumers is more critical than ever. Having detailed documentation of production reports is an increasing need as the FDA works with states to provide consistent guidelines and…

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unit of measurement

You Can’t Manage It If You Can’t Measure It – Unit of Measurement

Flexible unit of measurement is an integral element to formula manufacturing. Variation is a given in the production process. These fluctuations can create added work or challenges in sharing data across departments such as sales and finance. You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it. One of the primary drivers for businesses to invest…

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esha r&d

How Vicinity Software Clients Use Genesis R&D to Their Advantage

If you have not yet caught our blog about integration to ESHA’s nutritional database and labeling compliance software, Genesis R&D click here. Having connected data is one of the core needs of a growing manufacturing company, with that in mind our development team is aimed at delivering technology solutions in the most effective way. In…

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formula database software

Make the Most Out of Your Formula Database Software

Formula management, or having a thorough formula database software, is a critical element for batch manufacturers, both in production and R&D. However, many process manufacturers don’t have this information integrated into their ERP system. According to a study done by Aberdeen Group, 79% of manufacturers cited their top goal for the coming year as increasing…

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nutrition data

Integration to Nutrition Data Labeling Compliance Software, Genesis R&D

In the food processing industry, it is inevitable that all departments will have their ideal or go-to software system. Many of the best on the market are specialized for one department and do not connect data behind the scenes. The disconnect can create an ongoing internal struggle to keep teams on the same page with…

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sample opportunities

Increase Profits by Managing Sample Opportunities

In our Increase Profits with Batch Manufacturing Software blog, we quickly overviewed the top four things you can do with the help of batch manufacturing software, such as Vicinity, to ensure your organization is getting the most out of the operations in your existing business, without changing much of what you are doing today. So…

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inventory shrinkage

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage to Increase Profits

In the Increase Profits with Batch Manufacturing Software blog (see link below), we touched on the top four things you can do with the help of batch manufacturing software, such as Vicinity. This ensures that your organization is getting the most out of operations with existing business, without altering many of your current processes. Improve your…

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nutrition facts label

How FDA’s Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label May Affect Food Manufacturers

Under the mandated changes to the Nutrition Facts Label recently announced by the FDA, food manufacturers will have to adhere to new requirements that aim to make the consumer feel more informed and allow them to better understand exactly what they are consuming. Two primary changes are the inclusion of “added sugars” and the re-proportioning…

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