Executive Summary: Anything But Cookie-Cutter: Eight Formula Management Needs of Food Manufacturers


Eight batch processing software features food manufacturers should have

Because most manufacturing software is built for discrete manufacturing, it is not the best fit for process and batch manufacturers, even with customizations and add-on tools. Software developed specifically with food manufacturing in mind streamlines operations, reduces costs, drives supply chain efficiencies, adapts to regulatory requirements, increases customer satisfaction, and more.

Focusing on eight must-have software features can help food manufacturers make the right choice of batch processing software.

Vicinity has been a scalable technology partner since 2001, serving formula-based manufacturers in the chemical, food, and brewing markets. Vicinity Software is a robust, feature-rich product at an affordable price that grows as you grow.

• Manage limitless recipes
• Control inventory
• Improve quality assurance
• Increase profits
• Eliminate redundancies
• Decrease costs

Randy Smith shared eight features that food manufacturers can most benefit from having in their batch processing software.

For food manufacturers looking to control inventory, improve quality assurance, increase profits and more, there are eight key “must-have” features for any batch processing software solution.

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