Food manufacturing ERP is a good investment

VicinityFood is a scalable food ERP and food MRP software system designed for food & beverage manufacturers.

Our flexible system allows you to integrate many different parts of your business, improve your operations, track shelf life, make better food, and drive the sustainable growth you want.

What can you expect with ERP software specifically built with food and beverage manufacturers in mind? 

Here’s an infographic to help you learn more about why it’s a good investment.

Infographic: Why ERP software is a good investment

  • Boost profitability
    • Quickly identify low yielding processes and target corrective action
    • Define formula costs during the R&D process using current inventory costs
    • Calculate materials, labor, packaging and overhead production costs for every batch
    • Update raw material cost in real-time based on the latest purchasing information and utilize substitutions
  • Increase productivity
    • Spend less time manually compiling data for analysis
    • Streamline the process of recording and analyzing QC
    • Query any data in the system using tools already known by users
    • View a real-time representation of the production schedule and make rapid adjustments
    • Create multiple finished good items from one single batch ticket eliminating the nedd to create intermediate/bulk batches
  • Streamline compliance
    • Manage, track and all test results by individual batch, raw material item or finished good
    • Comply with regulatory and customer-driven compliance requirements such as COAs or Product Spec Sheets
    • Efficiently generate COAs with all available QC results tracked by batch, recipe and ingredient lot
    • Maintain lot traceability from ingredient through production to the customer, as well as in reverse
    • Integrate ingredient nutritional values from USDA database or ESHA’s Genesis application
  • Decrease operational costs
    • Consolidate production into larger batches with integrated forecasts and up to date production schedules
    • Streamline data entry to record production transactions
    • Identify processes with higher-than-expected production costs to take corrective action
    • Review actual costs by product, formula or production facility over a given time period
    •  Calculate lot expiration date automatically for produced items based on the item shelf life
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Reduce production variability from batch to batch
    • Streamline the sales order management process improving delivery times and increased visibility to order status
    • Generate supporting product documentation for the customer’s R&D and Quality requirements
    • Review anticipated raw material shortages based on a dynamic production schedule and real-time inventory levels projected months in advance

We’d love to talk more about your business and see if our ERP software is a good fit for your operations. Contact us today to learn more about VicinityFood or schedule a demo.

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