We have 2020 vision: new year, new release highlights

Happy New Year – and welcome to a brand new decade! 

We are celebrating with this latest release that is packed with great enhancements. As an organization, we strive to keep our software relevant and up to date so that your business can continue to grow. We have built our software from the ground up to serve the business needs of formula and batch manufacturers. There is always room to grow, and as our clients’ needs evolve, we strive to deliver standout features and functionality. We are your technology partner in the chemical, food and brewing markets.  

And Release 4.29 is no different! Keeping with our quarterly software release schedule, this release is one of the most comprehensive and robust updates we’ve done. We couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year! 

Compiling requests we’ve heard from our annual user conference FOCUS, past and current implementation projects and from ongoing outreach to our existing client base, we believe this is an update you’ll be excited about.  

We’ve added more ease-of-use functionality for Vicinity users. As a customer of Vicinity Software, you always receive ongoing support: a customer portal that houses training videos, blogs and release guides; and you can also chat one-on-one with our consultants and technical services team members who are all located in the US and ready to help.   


Check out these new additions: 

VicinityView tiles:

In line with current NAV or GP dashboards, we’ve added tiles that give the user the ability to display VicinityView Favorites as tiles on the main dashboard. Release 4.27 added the record count to VicinityView Favorites, and this release furthers that functionality by expanding Favorites. Display key performance indicators, metrics and data points as tiles. Tiles can be color coded for even easier at-a-glance viewing.





Component lot attribute batch ingredient sizing 

This feature is useful in so many industries and focuses on a specific attribute or property of a lot and how that affects the quantity to consume of the raw material based on the effective quantity required. For example, if a raw material has a high concentration of an active ingredient, less of that ingredient may be required to reach the desired results. Watch this video for more info.  



There’s much more in 4.29 including: 

    • Component lot attributes 
    • Displayed in batch lot selection 
    • Parameters & results added to batches 
    • End item lot number auto generation 
    • MRP performance improvements 
    • Auto generated end-item lot numbers 
    • Planned order screen enhancements 
    • Additional print log tracking 
    • Component lot smart lookup 
    • Support for latest Microsoft Dynamics versions 


If you are a current customer of ours, check out all the new features and functionality in Release 4.29 by logging into your customer portal and reviewing the 4.29 Release Guide.   

If you are not a customer of Vicinity Software, what are you waiting for??! Contact us today for a demo and to learn more about how we can support your business.